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Welcome to our school!

   Middle School No. 20 was founded in 2000. It is located at 13A Promienna Street in Białystok.
Our school is named after Sons of Regiment and one of its main aims is to care about historical traditions.
The head teacher Elżbieta Rogowska, the deputy head teachers Franciszek Bolesta and Irena Boreczko-Aksiucik and all the stuff aim to enable students of all abilities to realize their full potential.
   We promote intellectual, spiritual, moral, cultural and physical development in a happy, caring environment. Our school is one of the best schools in Białystok.



  Facts and numbers:
   45 teachers work here. 386 (13-15 years old) students study at our school.



•  Young people attending our school study different subjects: Polish, German, English, Russian Languages, History, Geography, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Arts, Music, Information Technology, Religious Education and Physical Education.

•  There are two sports profiles. Students practice swimming and shooting. They take part in national and international competitions and win a lot of cups and gold, silver and bronze medals.

•  We have got two computer labs (both with access to the Internet), a multimedia center in the school library, a gym and a playground to play football and basketball. Our students can also play petanque, volleyball, table tennis and badminton.

•  We also have a hall which is used for dance/drama and assemblies.

•  We believe extra-curricular activities play a very important role in the life of the students and the school. We offer a variety of clubs and extra activities for our students to join.

•  They are a drama club, a choir, a chess club, a journalistic club, a charity group, some sports clubs and others.

•  We organize different exhibitions, performances, charity events, concerts, talent shows and contests at school.

•  Our students have school trips to places worth seeing in Poland and abroad.

•  The school runs School Discos to give the students an enjoyable evening.
Our students participate in lots of competitions and achieve successes. There are Laureates in the Voivodeship Contests every year.




  Our school cooperates with various European schools in France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Turkey and Bulgaria within the framework of E-twinning projects in English and German languages.
The English language project “Local Level Multiculturism: A Window to Global Tolerance” is conducted in cooperation with the French school College Le Lac in Sedan. In our school it is run by Ms Ewa Madura-Gryc.
The project focuses on the coexistence of different cultures and nationalities in one local community. During the project, partner schools will develop knowledge of different cultures, traditions and beliefs in order to bridge the gaps between different communities and build a greater global tolerance. Pupils will exchange information and living experiences of living in a multicultural community. The project develops solidarity and promotes tolerance and respect among young people and strengthens social integrity in the European Union.